ProTRADER MARKETS is a company made up of traders associated with trading futures contracts for over 10 years. They placed their first orders in a company called OSTC Poland, after which they managed and collaborated with ProTRADAR throughout 5 years, until Brokerage House TMS Brokers SA seized a majority of their shares.


ProTRADER MARKETS is another step in their professional career. Since July 2014 the company has been providing training and counselling services in the electronic trade of futures contracts, also called derivatives.


We approach investing comprehensively. To people who decide to cooperate with us, we provide training, strategy education as well as factual, technical and capital support. The company gives them all the necessary tools to become independent investors, capable of pursuing their passions from any place desired.


ProTRADER MARKETS is also open to cooperation with experienced investors, who want to expand their knowledge about strategy and conditions of trading on the stock market.