ProTRADER MARKETS is a company that trains and advises people who want to plan their future around financial markets, trading of futures contracts in particular.


For beginners


1st Stage

This stage is for people who passed the selection based on the handed CVs, cover letters and the interview. Training process starts with a connected theoretical and practical module, that lasts 2 weeks in one of the company’s seats. Next, the trainee continues practical classes on a simulator from any chosen place, until the evaluation is conducted by the person’s instructor.

2nd Stage

After positive evaluation of the 1st stage the trainee receives support in the area of actual investing on the futures market.

During this stage the person is guided by an advisor/risk analyst until becoming an independent investor.

Applicants are welcome to send their CVs along with the cover letters to this address: info@protradermarkets.com


For experienced


Rules of cooperation with experienced investors are discussed individually.

Applicants are asked to send their CVs, cover letters and a broker report showing at least one week’s worth of activity to this address: info@protradermarkets.com